Welcome to Inn Pousada Rosa Karioka | Praia do Rosa pousada (SC)

Welcome to Inn Rosa Karioka | Praia do Rosa pousada (SC)



Praia do Rosa, in Imbituba, on Brazil's south coast of Santa Catarina, was elected by the British newspaper The Guardian as one of the 10 most beautiful “unknown” beaches in the world. The town, which is three kilometers long, was listed alongside paradisiacal landscapes of countries such as Italy, Thailand and Jamaica.

That the coast of Santa Catarina is a privileged place for nature, everyone already knows.

But one of these beautiful beaches represents Brazil at the 11th Congress of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, which takes place in the city of Makati, Philippines, is new!

The destination of Santa Catarina is the only one in the country that is part of the UNESCO label called 'Bays of the World'.

Participation in the congress aims to promote the project 'Play Clean with Praia do Rosa', an environmental program created to keep the beach clean.

The project was developed by a group of businessmen from the region some years ago, who decided to roll up their sleeves and act to preserve the beach environmentally.

The result has been dumpster facilities along the beach, cleaning staff and educational activities aimed at raising awareness of tourists and the community about respect for the environment.

Today, sustainable attitudes and environmental preservation are inherent to Praia do Rosa residents and the effort is rewarded by nature itself.

Those looking for tranquility, lush nature, good dining options and outdoor activities find it all in Praia do Rosa, a postcard of the municipality of Imbituba, Santa Catarina. With a look that mixes mountains and beach, Praia do Rosa receives visitors all year round and not for nothing.

We await you here in paradise!